GIANTS English Language Project


A storytelling and English language learning experience which includes

  • A one hour storytelling performance of Celtic and Nordic folktales about GIANTS specially adapted for English language learners
  • A one hour post performance workshop where language students have fun exploring storytelling in English

Thank you for a very special and fun opportunity to show and teach our students English at Hvalsø School! I hope you will come back next year!” Marie-Louise Laub Olesen, English Teacher at Hvalsø Skole, Denmark.

We perform our storytelling show GIANTS and with each performance we offer a creative storytelling workshop designed for children and teenagers who are learning English as a second language.

The performance gives them the opportunity to experience English through a collection of traditional Celtic and Nordic stories. The stories are told in clear simple English, using plenty of repetition and attention to difficult vocabulary so that students enjoy the stories whilst learning the language.

The post performance workshop allows students to put the English they have heard into practice. They’ll learn and practise new vocabulary, phrases, and idiomatic expressions and develop their speaking and listening skills. The workshop includes a range of lively storytelling activities designed to help children develop their English and have a lot of fun telling stories and creating drama.

By the end of the experience students will have

  • learnt a range of new English words and phrases
  • gained confidence in speaking and listening to English through storytelling
  • learnt to tell a traditional story in English
  • practised language of negotiating and team decision making
  • had great fun re-creating a traditional story in English with their classmates

In January 2018 we launched GIANTS International at Hvalsoe Skole in Denmark.

Read our recent blog about GIANTS International in Tenerife.

In March 2019 GIANTS brought workshops to the students at Oriago Steiner School near Venice in Italy. Here are some pictures that the sixth grade students made after the workshop.

We visit countries all over the world with GIANTS International, and we also work with language learners in Scotland and the wider UK.

If you would like more information or would like to book GIANTS International for your school, please contact us using the form or email