GIANTS in Schools

“My class were extremely engaged with the storytelling performance and they were very enthusiastic about adopting the different roles of the Viking characters and re-creating scenes from the story…

Both Svend and Alice facilitated this both beautifully and professionally.  They demonstrated a lovely way with the children they were working with.”

Avril Rodger, P6 Teacher at Lawfield Primary School Midlothian.


A school experience includes:

  • A 45 minute storytelling performance of GIANTS for up to 100 students
  • A one hour GIANTS workshop for up to 30 students at a time

Suitable for primary school pupils aged from 6-11.

(Stories and workshop content are adapted appropriately for each age group.)

The Performance

Alice and Svend-Erik take children on a magical journey, telling a collection of myths, legends and folktales about giants from Celtic, Nordic, and other European storytelling traditions.

The stories are told from the giant’s perspective, exploring their adventures, their conflicts, and their difficulties as humans gradually take over the earth.

Children experience the traditional art of oral storytelling through witnessing Alice and Svend-Erik’s dynamic, physical, and interactive performance. Developing their listening, and expanding their imaginations through this traditional art form and developing their understanding of what it means to be different from others in the world.

The Workshops

Using the stories in the performance, children experience a 1 hour workshop where they are encouraged to re-create scenes from the stories and become either characters or storytellers.

The workshop explores the stories and encourages children to experience what it feels like to be big and small, and gives everyone the chance to experience being a giant.

Children work with partners, in small groups, and as a whole class during the workshop. They experience performing for each other and they watch each other’s work as an audience.

The workshop uses drama and storytelling games and exercises to ignite the imaginations of children, offering inspiration for post workshop class activities.

The performance and workshop experiences aim to:

  • Deepen children’s understanding of stories
  • Inspire interest in traditional Celtic, Nordic and European mythology and legends
  • Develop spoken language and presentation skills through telling stories
  • Expand problem solving, listening and talking skills through teamwork
  • Use story creation to teach narrative structure, inspiring children to tell and write stories
  • Build confidence in communication through performing stories in a safe workshop setting
  • Nurture skills of active listening through witnessing each others work
  • Explore emotions through playing different characters in the stories

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